Black Crucifixion

In 1991 in Northern Finland Black Crucifixion was with Beherit and Impaled Nazarene one of the few bands that defined the original sound of Finnish black metal. The core of which lies in superior song writing and embracing production value instead of aiming for lo-fi aesthetics so often used to cover lack of creativity.

The Finnish black metal movement mostly pre-dated the Norwegian black metal boom. That is why Black Crucifixion always had a sound and philosophy of their own.

In 2011 Black Crucifixion celebrated their 20th anniversary with Hope Of Retaliation album that featured four new tracks and fresh live renditions of songs from throughout their career. The album left many “hoping that the band would have more new songs like this in their collective sleeve” ( And oh yes, the clearly do.

Coronation Of King Darkness offers eight new tracks of northern Finnish coldness combining the well-crafted progressive atmosphere with the aggression that Black Crucifixion has been known since their The Fallen One Of Flames debut.

Coronation Of King Darkness takes the best moments of Hope Of Retaliation even further creating an album that will be remembered twenty years later like their previous work is remembered today.

The album features as a guest member en early pioneer of Finnish progressive rock: Guitarist Rekku Rechardt from the band Wigwam.

“Hope Of Retaliation leaves me with an urge to hear new material in order to know where Black Crucifxion is heading on this decade.” (Soundi Magazine)

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