Brother Firetribe

Some say that a diamond can be made to sparkle even brighter by placing it into a fire pit for a while. Well, Finland's melodic rock heroes Brother Firetribe have apparently spent the last four years in the proverbial fire pit, because now they've returned with some pretty shiny tunes!

Aptly titled, “Diamond in the Firepit” is Brother Firetribe's 3rd full length album, once again chock-full with melodic rock ear candy; an unbroken string of 11 hits with glistening choruses, heavenly harmonies and lyrics brimming with larger-than life love. Sure enough, this album will be the soundtrack of the coming summer like its predecessors, for in times like these when the reality bites, the economy is down, people feel downtrodden and everyday life seems like a grind, we all need a shot of positive energy and a reminder that there's not a whole lot that can't be fixed with a smile and a song.

It is also said that the third album is the hardest for any band to succeed with. This one's taken a while, but it's been a labor of love! Born a classic, “Diamond in the Firepit” sounds familiar yet fresh, light-hearted yet hear-warming and flows with the natural ease the Tribesters have been recognized for since their early days – The Tribe only huddles in the studio if the feeling is right and the songs are 100% gold.

Yep, no doubt about it - the Brother Firetribe magic is still there: it is borne out of the chemistry between these exact five guys – who just couldn't write a bad song even if they tried. T. Nikulainen's soaring synths and songwriting, P.A. Heino's velvety voice and Jason Flinck's robust bass & smooth background vox meet beat master Torniainen's hard rocking rhythms and Emppu Vuorinen's agile, classy solos and guitar heroics you just can't hear in “that other band” he plays in.

The “Diamond in the Firepit” album release in 02.05 will be preceded by “For Better or for Worse” single and video, out on 21.03.2014.

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