You better believe it – the Finns just hate better. There is definitely something special in the combination of a Finnish metal band and the concept of “hate”. Everyone knows about the “hate crew” who dropped their trailblazing “hatebreeder” some 14 years ago and have since ascended to stardom. In 2013, from those same starting blocks (superior musicianship, aggression, Spinefarm Records), yet another death-thrashing sensation goes for the throat...


Founded in 2004 by guitar whiz extraordinaire Tomy Laisto and bass player Joni Suodenjärvi the band reaped laurels as the demo of the month in every worthwhile Finnish music media as early as in 2007. Since signed with minuscule 7:45 Records, the band has been awarded the 2008 Finnish Metal Award as the newcomer of the year with their ripping debut album “Dominance”. In the same awards the band also achieved a surprising 5th place in the "Band of the Year" category. The band's 2nd studio album, "Origins of Plague", was released 2010 to much critical acclaim.

Both of its predecessors are fine albums on their own merits for sure, but in 2013 Hateform brings forth a completely new ballgame. After 3 years and another evolutionary leap, on their 3rd album the Turku-based neck-breakers lay the competition to waste with a collection of songs more progressive, captivating and sophisticated than those of yesteryear, yet yielding zero in the time honoured aggression & hate department. With the band's insane chops, dizzying originality and a repertoire of riffs more crushing than an icebreaker, “Sanctuary In Abyss” is (well, almost) as enthralling as one of Uncle Hef's pink bunnies stranded on a remote islet singing a siren song: you know – one more listen, and you'll be drawn into the abyss, but what the heck... it's going to be worth the pain...



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