Once every blue moon it happens, and it's our own damn fault. By default, the Swamplord is a grouchy but serene, cloudberry-picking hermit, unless its hunting grounds are trespassed or its habitat in any other manner violated. But exactly that must have happened somewhere in its territory in Northern Finland, because in 2013, once more from the morass rises Kalmah and seeks retribution. Yes, we've brought it upon ourselves once more and the undisputed champions of swamp metal have swum across the bog, to bitch-slap each and every one of us with their aptly entitled “Seventh Swamphony”... 'til our spirits are reduced to will-o'-the-wisps, to forever burn on the Swamplord's marsh...

From their trademark wildly undulating, frantically melodic bash-your-head-in banger hymns to their newly found epic, unmistakably Finnish mournfulness of “Hollo's” lament for the folly of man, after 22 years of existence as a band and a return to roots of sorts, the swamp dwellers of Kalmah have conceived their strongest, most kick-ass work to date. Therefore thus spake the band's lead guitarist Antti Kokko: “This album will be a milestone on our career. We have a new keyboard player, inspiration has given us a new edge to the music and we are very satisfied with the new material. We wanted to give the songs best possible chance without compromises.”

Probably the best spent 41 minutes your ears will encounter all year, “Seventh Swamphony” was recorded at Tico Tico Studios in Kemi, Finland. The album's mixing and mastering was done at Sweden's Fascination Street Studios by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Soilwork, Paradise Lost...). The album art was done by the masterful Juha Vuorma, the man behind the illustrations of Kalmah's first 3 albums. The Japanese version of the album will have a bonus track.

“Seventh Swamphony” (and your jaw) will drop June 14th 2013. That's when you will have your answer to the penultimate question:




Seventh Swamphony

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