Profane Omen

Founded over a decade ago and slowly building itself into one of Finland’s most praised acts in the 21st century, Profane Omen has come to a new beginning. The band’s second album “Inherit The Void”, originally released in 2009 in Finland and climbing to the top 10 in the charts, will be re-released as a worldwide release with bonus tracks by Spinefarm Records.

Coming from the small town of Lahti in Finland, best known of its punk and hardcore scene, Profane Omen has taken the energy and lyrical  themes from punk and HC-music combining them with fast and crushing thrash riffs. That mixed with deep  growls sounding like they come straight  from the sewers and melodies even the toughest of the tough can weep to has made PO's mix a unique style of aggression and metal.

After almost ten years behind and over a hundred live shows  played Profane Omen released their debut album “Beaten Into Submission” in 2006, an album that earned them the newcomer of the year award in the Finnish Metal Awards . It opened the doors to pretty much all major festivals and clubs in Finland strengthening their reputation as one of the best live metal acts ever to come out of the country.

Produced, by Ville Sorvali of Moonsorrow-fame, the album ”Inherit The Void” was originally released through Playground Music in Finland and the Baltics in March 2009. Upon its release, the album went straight to number nine in the Finnish album chart and the group played a 35 date tour in Finland with praising comments and an ever growing fanbase. Now it’s time to hit it all again, this time out of Finland too!

Profane Omen is currently working on their third album that will be out through Spinefarm Records in September 2011.

Profane Omen – Not from where the fence is at its lowest but rather from where it hurts the most!

Bound to Strive



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