Sparzanza is a textbook example of what hard work can get you. These tenacious rockers have built their success gradually, starting with numerous self-financed EP releases and indie split singles, which eventually scored them their first real record deal. The two albums with French label Water Dragon Records, as good as they were, pretty much flew under everyone's radar.

Not so with the second two.

The two successive albums, “Banisher Of The Light” and “In Voodoo Veritas” made Sparzanza something of a local hero. Spearheading the Scandinavian roots rock revival with the likes of Volbeat and Mustasch, Sparzanza hit it big in their native Sweden and even more so in the neighboring Finland, largely due to a succession of single cuts Before My Blackened Eyes, My World Of Sin and Black Heart, each of which received heavy airplay on Finland’s nation-wide Radio Rock channel. Naturally, a slew of sold out tours in both countries followed.

Temple Of The Red-Eyed Pigs, “Folie á Cirq's” 1st single seems to be destined to become another hit. So, having already entrenched themselves in the Scandinavian consciousness, it is time for Sparzanza to make their mark in the big world out there. Already with some success in American JPF Awards and armed with a all-killer-no-filler slab like “Folie á Cirq” it shouldn't pose much of a problem.

“Folie Á Cirq” presents a rolling thunder of riffs, dynamic, driving beats and a barrage of bass-lines that will use your cojones as punching bags! Iced with Fredrik Weileby's testosterone-laden vocals and impeccable ear for catchy melodies, “Folie à Cirq” lays down 11 songs, each better than the previous one, yet all so damn good that your fave tune will change every time you give the disc a spin.

Sparzanza have now truly arrived. If the world doesn't start taking note... it sure as hell ain’t the music’s fault!


Underneath My Skin

Fallen Ones



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