The Crescent

The Crescent was born in August 2012 when the legendary Finnish Black Metal band Enochian Crescent was finally buried.

Right before beginning of the recordings of the new album “RISTI” (CROSS in English) in June 2012 we had arrived at a point where decisions had to be made. The co-operation between the founding members Wrath and Viktor was not what it was used to be as both wanted different things from writing music, rehearsing, and playing live.

Thus it was agreed that better to make a clean break-up without hard feelings and continue on separate paths. The rest of Enochian Crescent as a tightly knit unit would go on to record the new album with renewed vigor.

Luckily the band found their new vocalist Hellwind Tuonenjoki at the right time to help perform the already booked festival gigs and to finish up the album with his raw and powerful vocals. He is a dedicated and charismatic vocalist and a productive lyricist and seems to be just the right fit for the band.

The name change to The Crescent was something that had to happen, since Enochian Crescent is very strongly associated with Wrath as a lead singer and Viktor as the songwriter. And as Viktor states: “When we founded the band in 1995 we made a gentleman's agreement that should either of us quit the band then the name would be put to rest also. As a man of my words I will honor this agreement.”

The Crescent is a band with deep roots yet it sounds fresh. On “RISTI” the twisted riffs are top notch as always. Their hook-laden song craft has been taken to new territories in each direction as the album features both the most intense and the most atmospheric music to date. The band is known for their live presence, but damn sure they can deliver in the studio too.



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