25 Mar 2014

Brother Firetribe: Diamond In The Firepit

Brother Firetribe: Diamond In The Firepit

Brother Firetribe's third studio album Diamond In The Firepit will be released May 2nd in Finland/Europe, May 3rd in The UK, June 3rd in North America and June 4th in Japan. The album will be released as CD, limited LP with red vinyl and as a download/stream. 

1. Intro

2. Love Is Not Enough
3. Far Away from Love
4. For Better or for Worse
5. Desperately
6. Edge Of Forever
7. Hanging by a Thread
8. Trail of Tears
9. Winner Takes It All
10. Tired of Dreaming
11. Reality Bites
12. Close To the Bone

Preorder from Record Store Äx
Preorder from iTunes
The new single "For Better Or For Worse" also available at Spotify

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