Band Background

Six-piece Swedish/Danish outfit genuinely adding something fresh an’ new to the rock ‘n’ metal genre. 

With three vocalists covering everything from death metal growls to soaring pop metal choruses, Amaranthe have turned heads right from the start; theirs is crushing & contemporary music built from the base up on solid riffs, lush keyboards and massive hooks – the latter making full use of the vocal talents of female singer, Elize Ryd (also a touring member of Kamelot).

The band’s debut self-titled album, produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, etc.) and released in 2011, has seen the six making great strides in the UK, Scandinavia & Japan – playing festivals and major headline shows, and generally showing that an Abba-inspired chorus and a powerful guitar riff can work together to telling (and ground-breaking) effect.


The second studio album will follow in 2013.



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