Band Background

Early 2008, Stockholm, Sweden. Four young and aspiring musicians got together to form a band.
With a want for something majestic and a fascination with egyptian history,  Love Magnusson (Guitar), George Egg (Drums), Joel Fox Apelgren (Bass) and John Berg (Guitar) took on the name Dynazty.

Lacking a singer the four-piece went on a manhunt, ultimately finding Nils Molin via a MySpace ad. Their sound began to establish as songs were written and the completed line-up decided there was no time to fool around. Financing the recording of a full-length album themselves, the band booked producer Chris Laney and laid down their debut 'Bring The Thunder'.

Before the release of “Knock You Down”, the follow up to “Bring The Thunder”, Dynazty were privilaged to make a guest appearence in the swedish finale of the Eurovision Song Contest in front of approximately 3,7 million viewers performing a cover version of last years swedish winner song, “This Is My Life”. The song became a minor hit in sweden and established Dynazty as a force to be reckoned with within the music business.

When “Knock You Down” was finally released in April it climbed to #1 on the swedish metal charts and to #21 on the mainstream charts.
Dynazty toured Sweden in support of the album throughout the summer and in the fall the same year they toured the UK together with Electric Boys and Miss Behavior among others.

While Dynazty was officially a four-piece after departure of John Berg, Mano Lewys had been their second guitar player ever since 2009 acting as a hired gun. But before the UK tour commenced Mano had decided to quit his post and focus on his personal life. Long time freind and relative of Love Magnusson, Mike Laver was brought in to complete the lineup.

During the late summer and fall, the band had written material for a new album. Eager to release an album in early 2012 the five-piece started the search for a producer and a studio. Wanting a change in sound the band visited Peter “Pain” Tägtgren in his studio The Abyss discussing the possibility of working together. After much e-mailing and schedule arrangements the studio was booked for Dynazty in december.

Right around this time it was announced that Dynazty were to compete in the Swedish preliminary of the Eurovison Song Contest in February 2012 with the song “Land Of Broken Dreams”. “An honor and an offer that could not be refused”, the boys said.

By December, Dynazty were recording their third album, their second in one year in The Abyss Studios with producer Peter Tägtgren at the helm, and the first with Mike Laver on guitars.

The album entitled “Sultans Of Sin” hit the shelves and servers in February 29th 2012. The album reached #8 on the Swedish Album Chart. During 2012, Dynazty performed in Spain, UK, USA, China, Sweden & Finland.

In 2014, Dynazty released their 4th album and greatest work to date:

After 4 years, 3 studio albums and shows on almost every continent, we took the time in 2012 to figure out what we wanted to be in the future, updating ourselves musically and sonically; and once we started to write ‘Renatus’, everything fell into place. This album is heavier and faster-paced, with big arrangements built around soaring vocal melodies.

This is a new era for Dynazty: the first album with our new bass player and band member, Jonathan Olsson, the first to be produced by ourselves, and the first to be released on SpinefarmNils Molin, Dynazty vocalist.  




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