Protest The Hero

Band Background

Highly accomplished (but never in a dull way!) Canadian five-piece whose quirky humour and musical tightrope-walking has gained them a fevered following worldwide.

PTH formed a decade ago in their hometown of Whitby, Ontario, going on to release debut album, ‘Kezia’, in 2006; the follow-up, ‘Fortress’, became a Canadian number one in 2008, shortly followed by the 2010 release, ‘Scurrilous’, with front-man and stand-up-comic-in-the-making, Rody Walker, taking the lead on the lyric-writing side. The latest album, 'Volition' came out in 2013, accompanied by the epic finger-puppet video for the lead single, 'Underbite'.

When it comes to adrenalized shredding, off-kilter rhythms and huge soarin’ melodies, PTH – Revolver Golden Gods winners, Star Trek supporters and major fans of UK outfit, SikTh – are pretty much in a field of their own; add to this some of the wittiest videos to be found on YouTube, and you have a band who will never settle for the easy way out when they can push themselves to the musical precipice… and beyond!

Simply, some of the most forward-thinking musicians in the metal world. 

Mere mortals, prepare to be amazed!

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