Band Background

Since starting out almost two decades ago, Rammstein – Germany’s most successful rock act – have built a global reputation as a controversial, no-compromise, hugely entertaining band, with a fiercely loyal, genuinely international following.

To date, the East Berlin sextet have released six full studio albums, one ‘Best Of’ compilation (‘Made In Germany’, 2011), plus three DVDs, all of them showing just why the Rammstein collective are a clear market leader when it comes to industrial metal – although that term only partially applies to a group whose music can be both pounding and poignant… and always sung in German.

Going against type (or more accurately stereotype), Rammstein also display a very real sense of humour, toying with ideas of morality and taste, and delivering videos that are impossible to watch with an entirely straight face – the likes of ‘Sonne’ (a twisted fairytale), ‘Amerika’ (space race shenanigans), ‘Keine Lust’ (rock ‘n’ roll excess, complete with individual limos), ‘Mein Land’ (1950’s beach party gone bad) and ‘Pussy’ (which does precisely what it says on the tin – or, in this case, the limited edition ‘box of cox’!).

These days, Rammstein can be found topping festival bills and selling out arenas around the world, usually in a matter of minutes; quite simply, the greatest showmen on the dark side of planet rock!

Mein Land

Mein Herz Brennt (Piano Version)



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