Band Background

New progressive rock set-up featuring drummer Martin Lopez (Opeth / Amon Amarth), guitarist Kim Platbarzdis, vocalist Joel Ekelof (Willowtree) & bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Sadus, Testament, Death, Iced Earth).

Quite a line-up, for sure, so it’s no particular surprise that this Swedish outfit’s debut album, ‘Cognitive’, is a hugely impressive piece of work – a 10-tracker (mixed by the legendary David Bottrill) that should appeal to anyone with a feel for music that consistently challenges without being ‘clever-clever’ or difficult to get into.

The melodies are intricate, the playing muscular, the choruses pronounced and the overall feel one of a band whose time has (finally) come; rather than simply going for broke on the muso side, ‘Cognitive’ seeks to strike a balance between the dexterity of the playing and the strength of the songs, between the showy and the skilful and the need to connect on a purely emotional level.

So far, two singles / videos have been released – ‘Savia’ & ‘Delenda’ – and both display this balancing act to a tee.

 Music for the heart and the mind.





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