Swallow The Sun

Band Background

Finnish sextet with a handful of top quality albums to their name, Swallow The Sun first came together at the turn of the millennium when guitarist & main songwriter Juha Raivio collected a group of like-minded friends / musicians around him; since that time, the sole change to the line-up has been the addition of drummer Kai Hahto (ex-Wintersun) in 2009, one of Finland’s most highly rated players.

Over the years, this expansive Death / Doom outfit have built a solid international reputation based on regular touring, plus the ability to craft music – a signature blend of melody, melancholy & might – that touches on a wide range of genres, from prog through to metal, and from atmospheric & ethereal through to downright heavy!

STS’s previous studio album, ‘New Moon’, hit the top ten in their native Finland, and the follow-up went straight to number two – a fitting result for what is arguably the band’s most accomplished outing to date…

Titled ‘Emerald Forest And The Blackbird’ and produced by Mikko Karmila (Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, etc.), this latest 10-tracker features some notable special guest appearances, with Nightwish’s Anette Olzon providing some great vocal parts on ‘Cathedral Walls’ and Aleah Stanbridge from Trees Of Eternity adding her floating tones to a further two tracks.

Beautiful & brutal in equal measure, ‘Emerald Forest…’ is truly a career-defining masterwork.


Cathedral Walls



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