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In a world ruled by fabricated pop-music, reality TV talent and flavor-of-the-minute hipster bands, it’s rare to find an act that exudes the essence of rock while maintaining integrity and original thought, but every so often a band comes along that pushes boundaries and defies the monotonous mainstream standard.  One such band that is currently electrifying the UK’s underground punk scene with their brash brand of unique sci-fi infused rock is Turbogeist.

Like many before them, Turbogeist was born of two friends, Jimmy and Luis, jamming together for kicks while passing the time in their hometown of London. With music coursing through their veins they reached a point where they wanted to take it to the next level and in 2009 recruited Josh on drums and eventually James on bass later in 2010.  

Inspired by 70’s era punk-rock and 80’s hardcore and taking cues from The Replacements, The Damned and The Misfits as well as their love of comic books, Turbogeist set out to carve their own path melding their influences into an amalgam of twisted sci-fi laden punk rock that explodes with raw aggression and attitude.  

In 2012, Turbogeist inked a deal with Spinefarm Records and entered Livingston Studios in London with producer Chris Sheldon to begin working on their first EP, Ancient Secrets.  

“Ancient Secrets pertains to our obsession with all things fantastical and cryptic,” says Jimmy. “It's an abstract title but these are abstract times. We didn't wanna make an 'oi oi' punk angst record, although that’s how we started out. We wanted to make something more tongue in cheek; more weird. We were always turned on by a splatter gun of influences. We didn’t want to make a punk or hardcore or glam or thrash record, didn't wanna make anything that felt sonically linear. If the EP were a drug it would probably be acid, as it could go in a few directions. It could be scary but could also make you laugh or cry or make you realize that nothing is real and we are all just a collection of atoms moving very fast to no discernible end.”

“It's a thumb up the asshole of convention, a stab into the glassy eye of stubborn reality,” adds Jimmy.

“This is good time music for bad people.”

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