4 Apr 2013

an interview with the von hertzen brothers

The Von Hertzen Hertzen Brothers popped over to Spinefarm towers to have a chat about their new album 'Nine Lives' and their immininet UK visit.

an interview with the von hertzen brothers

Kie, Mikko and Jonne Von Hertzen popped over to the UK last month. Between accoustic sessions and photoshoots we had a chat with them about their writing process for their new album 'Nine Lives', their brilliant album artwork and stunning live show.

The Von Hertzen Brothers will be back in the UK very shortly:


5 Apr '13 Assembly Hall London UK

6 Apr '13 Bogiez Cardif UK

7 Apr '13 HRH Prog Fest Rotherham UK

More info & Tickets here

You can pick up a copy of 'Nine Lives' here



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