Band Background

In 2013, the lens of scrutiny holds musicianship within the metal scene to extremely high standards thanks to the internet and social media. Fakers and phonies are not to be tolerated – autotune and quantizing are considered taboo, and only the most talented musicians prove their abilities through their genuine, un-computerized efforts.

With HATEFORM’s brand-new record and Spinefarm debut, Sanctuary In Abyss, the band proves its musical muscle by not only delivering one of the most blisteringly complex and progressive extreme metal releases of this year, but also a record made with no drum samples, no quantizing, or other such modern-era recording fakery. This matters quite a lot when dealing with a band with the sort of musical ability of HATEFORM. One minute into the sitar-draped intro “Origin Of Plague” will testify to what real musicianship recorded by real musicians truly sounds like, and by the time guaranteed ‘banger “Born Exiled” kicks in, it becomes obvious that HATEFORM is also just as capable at writing infectious, catchy riffs as well.

Formed in 2004 in Turku Finland with a formation that included Ville Vänni (ex- INSOMNIUM), HATEFORM’s sound is thrashy, intense, yet extremely technical and melodic as well. Vocalist’s Petri Nyström’s snarl is unforgettable and unique, furiously bellowing against the music. Guitarists Tomy Laisto and Tom Gardiner (ex- MORS PRINCIPIUM EST) easily flip the switch from delivering shattering, mind-bending riffs inspired by bands like SUFFOCATION, DEATH, and VADER, to dark, dreamy clean melodies. Rhythm section Tuomo Latvala (Drums; DEMIGOD, TORTURE KILLER) and Joni Suodenjärvi (Bass) holds down the fort with tight, thundering groove.

Now, with the band’s third release, Sanctuary In Abyss pulls no punches. The band’s most progressive, yet most brutal material to date, HATEFORM is here to make a statement. Mixed and mastered at The Panic Room Studios by Thomas “Plec” Johansson (WATAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST), Sanctuary In Abyss is also the biggest and best-sounding HATEFORM record to date as well. Jon Barmby’s (ARCHITECTS, DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL) haunting cover art, depicting the main lyrical themes across the album surrounding the mental state of a serial killer, wraps the whole package up. Miss this record, and fall into the abyss!




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