Band Background

From the marshlands of northern Finland they will return.

The story of swamp things Kalmah begun as ‘Ancestor’ already in 1991. Five demos later a new name and a contract with Spikefarm Records followed. The debut album “Swamplord” was a remarkable success and soon their sophomore album “They Will Return” took another trident’s stab at the hearts of the hordes of melodic thrash/death/black metal fans, taking the band to the stage of Germany’s Wacken Open Air. In February 2003 Kalmah was at Lappland's Tico Tico studio once more and the 3rd album, the magical, “Swampsong” floated from the marsh in May 2003.

A pause of 2,5 years and a change of keyboard player recharged Kalmah to write the 4th album, a comeback of sorts: ”The Black Waltz”. Having lost nothing of Kalmah's trademark explosiveness and melodic hooks the audience swallowed the hook, line and sinker, welcoming the Swamplords back into the fold. 

The 6th studio album was recorded at Tico-Tico studios in Finland as usual and mastered at Cutting Room, Sweden. "Everything went fluently as always even thought this time the recordings were done in three different time periods within a half a year. Swamp spirit among the band is high and every body is very satisfied with the result as should. Actually I think it was even better to leave the breath taking gaps here and there so that the new material didn’t numb ears and head. What comes to new material under the guidance of our dear Swamplord it is very Kalmah-like but we haven’t forgot to introduce new tuning here and there" says the main song writer and lead guitarist Antti Kokko.

”12 Gauge” sees another step forward in the evolution of the swamp things with all the melodic trademarks in place, but also with increased technicality. Listeners can prepare for a twin-guitar attack.

Kalmah has started recording their follow up to 2010's '12 Gauge' and it will be released in the spring of 2013.


Seventh Swamhony



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