Band Background

Swedish old school esoteric black metallers OFERMOD are about to release their second full-length album, entitled 'Thaumiel', through Spinefarm Records.

Eight songs of occult Death/Black Metal with prominent guest appearances by Tommie Eriksson (Saturnalia Temple and author of Mörk Magi), Alberto Brandi (Italian occult author) and Thomas Karlsson (known also as the lyric writer of THERION).

Thaumiel is the long awaited sequal to Tiamtu (2008) and was recorded in the infamous Endarker Studio, mixed and mastered by Devo of MARDUK. As for the recording process, there have been rumours that it was one of the most magical and mysterious recording sessions to take place, ever… Thaumiel is truly a sonic grimoire of the draconian current.



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