Primal Rock Rebellion

Band Background

THE BRAINCHILD of Iron Maiden guitarist/songwriter Adrian Smith and former SikTh frontman/lyric writer Mikee Goodman, Primal Rock Rebellion is the meeting of two different musical minds, but – as debut album, the 12-track ‘Awoken Broken’ shows – the end result is a cohesive one.

There are challenging moments here for sure, but overall this coming together throws up a host of fresh ideas, with Adrian providing the guitars, the bass and the advanced song-writing skills, and Mikee proving a fully equal partner with his unique vocal approach – an arresting, signature blend of spoken word plus a wide variety of vocal tones (some dark & disturbing, others that owe a debt to the world of animation). 

In keeping with the personal nature of this project, ‘Awoken Broken’ has been produced by Adrian & Mikee themselves, and features a number of special guests, some of them anticipated (i.e. former SikTh drummer, Dan ‘Loord’ Foord & Pitchshifter bassist Mark Clayden), others less so (viola player Abi Fry).

As yet, there are no plans for Primal Rock Rebellion to play live, but two videos have thus far been completed (‘No Place Like Home’ & ‘No Friendly Neighbour’), both directed by Mikee, with a third on the way for ‘Tortured Tone’, one of the most favourably received tracks on the album.

Tortured Tone



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