Santa Cruz

Band Background

They’re young, they’re restless, and they already own this town. Soon enoughthey’ll own yours, too. 

Reared on a hefty diet of 80’s glam rock Americana á la Guns N’ Roses and such,Santa Cruz are a rock ’n’ roll sensation, who, despite their very young age havehosted numerous rock clubs of their own in their native Hellsinki Rock City, scoringhordes of stark-raving-mad fans and reaping attention and endorsements frompeers and media alike. The German rock magazine Stalker even recommends it totheir readers that they plan their Finnish vacations around Santa Cruz’s tour dates.

If there ever was a band that looks completely out of place in their hometown, itwould have to be Santa Cruz. Whereas contemplating suicide in a snowdrift, drunkout of one’s skull, comes naturally for the inherently dark and brooding Finns,something as sunny, positive and unlawfully h-h-h-hot as Santa Cruz shouldn’t probably be even possible on these semi-Arctic ice-ridden shores! It's just that tracks like “High on You” with its shimmering harmonies, rabidly energetic “Let’s Get the Party Started” and “Aiming High” which probably possesses the sickest guitar riff in Finnish rock and metal this side of 1986, will prove to you, the SantaCruz brand of rock ’n’ roll works like an intravenous shot of Summer, Sun and Spandex! The top-notch songwriting and guitar chops from Hell will leave your jaws ajar and with Archie’s unbridled yelps, at times you’d be willing to bet your cojonesthat it's the ghost of Bill Bailey singing – no small feat considering that Mr. Bailey isstill very much alive! No wonder the Santa Cruz gigs are infamous of getting a wee bit unhinged at times!

Without further ado, let’s round it out with the endorsement of a guy who knowswhat the f**k he’s talking about: "Never mind that they are young, cuz the matter of the fact is, that Santa Cruz definitely sticks out from all these retro hair metal bands running around nowadays. Not only do they have the attitude and the looks, but most importantly they sure as hell know how to play and the songs along with the awesome guitar playing pretty much makes me wanna bang my head in two pieces when I see them play live. And after all that’s what its all about. End of fucking story!!!


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