15 Oct 2014

Finland's All-Star Symphonic Rock Christmas Project Raskasta Joulua to Release 'Ragnarok Juletide'

Out on November 11
Finland's All-Star Symphonic Rock Christmas Project Raskasta Joulua to Release 'Ragnarok Juletide'

(New York, N.Y.):  Happy Holidays, headbangers! It's not going to be a "White Christmas" this year. Instead, it'll be a "Heavy Christmas."


Finland's annual, all-star symphonic Christmas rock project, dubbed Raskasta Joulua, which translates to "Heavy Christmas," is enjoying its 10th year running. To celebrate, the project, which tours every holiday season, will release a new studio album this year. The album, titled Ragnarok Juletide, releases on November 11 via Spinefarm Records.  Get a taste HERE.


But this is not just another set of ho-ho-ho-hum takes on holiday songs nor is it a collection of predictable, safe versions of seasonal jams! For the first time ever, these versions of Finnish and international Christmas classics will also be recorded in the English language.


Raskasta Joulua is inspired by Trans-Siberian Orchestra and the participants view the project in serious fashion, which is not always true of Christmas-themed collections. There is nothing novelty or jokey about this project or this release. Don't expect familiar holiday favorites to be given a weak makeover or merely amplified by distorted guitars that have been added to give the Christmas jams a "rock" feel. That would be a Christmas cop out.


Instead, the record truly and effectively captures the majesty, the wonder and the glory of the holiday season; the songs are carefully arranged and executed, with flawless musicianship and world-class vocal contributions.


Ragnarok Juletide will put headbangers in the most festive of moods, regardless of which metal subgenre he or she prefers, from speedy power metal to symphonic epics to dirgey doom. It's all here on this year's Ragnarok Juletide.


Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot, Northern Kings), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica, Northern Kings), Elize Ryd ( Amaranthe), Jarkko Ahola ( Teräsbetoni, Northern Kings), Antti Railio

(2013 Voice of Finland winner) and more lend their throats to the project.


"It's amazing that we're still doing this and that it has grown to these proportions," said founder/producer/arranger/guitarist Erkka Korhonen. "Every year has been bigger for us and now the tour is one of the biggest annual treks in Finland."


Indeed, the accompanying tour is an event and a highlight on the annual holiday calendar for fans of all age groups. The project has progressed in size and scope each and every year, in both popularity and the prestige of the participants. The concert tour now runs for more than a month before the holiday season and plays to full arenas and ice stadiums.


Overall, Ragnarok Juletide is the definitive collection of holiday hymns for headbangers. This is how you've always wanted to hear Christmas music, but most artists have lacked the balls to do it this way.


Korhonen furthered, "Even people who haven't celebrated Christmas for years have found its spirit again through what we do. Since we've expanded the vocalist lineup every year, the audience wants to hear our new vocalists on the record. It'll be fantastic to bring these songs into other countries too!"


Track Listing:


1. "We Celebrate at Christmastime"

2. "The First Noel"

3. "Here on the Hay"

4. "Little Drummer Boy"

5. "The Elf"

6. "Christmas Is Here"

7.  "Sylvia's Song"

8. "White Christmas"

9. "Home for Christmas"

10. "A Sparrow on a Christmas Morning"

11. "Christmas Has Come"

12. "Ave Maria"


The Voices Lineup:


Elize Ryd

Marco Hietala

J.P. Leppäluoto

Tony Kakko

Jarkko Ahola

Ari Koivunen

Pasi Rantanen

Antti Railio

Ville Tuomi

Antony Parviainen

Tuple Salmela

Kimmo Blom


The Band Lineup:


Erkka Korhonen -guitar, arrangments

Tuomas Wäinölä -guitar

Vili Ollila -keys

Mirka Rantanen -drums

Erkki Silvennoinen -bass




Raskasta Joulua (2004)

Raskaampaa Joulua (2009)

Raskasta Joulua (2013)

Ragnarok Juletide (2014)

2 Oct 2014

Spinefarm to Release THE TREATMENT'S Running With the Dogs

Dropping on November 4!
Spinefarm to Release THE TREATMENT'S Running With the Dogs


(New York, N.Y.): Britain's highly acclaimed rock act, THE TREATMENT, will see their second CD, Running With the Dogs, released in North America on November 4 via Spinefarm Records.


The band first appeared in North America as the opening act on the 2012 Kiss and Motley Crue tour in support of its debut release This Might Hurt.


Running With the Dogs was released in February ex-North America and has been supported by a heavy touring schedule. The band commences a lengthy U.K./European tour on October 6 and has also been confirmed for Australia's Soundwave Festival in February 2015.


Multiple videos have been shot for tracks from the CD and the video for "The Outlaw" is viewable HERE.


To pre-order Running With the Dogs, go HERE. It can be ordered as a standalone disc or bundled with an exclusive U.K. tour t-shirt.


For More Info Visit:



25 Sep 2014



Spinefarm Records is thrilled to announce the signing of New Jersey quintet Toothgrinder. The band is already incredibly active, armed with a brand new EP and a tour that is happening currently.
Toothgrinder will release its label debut in the form of the Schizophrenic Jubilee EP, which was produced, mixed and mastered by Taylor Larson (Periphery, Darkest Hour). The release date is November 4.

For a taste of what’s to come, check out "The Hour Angle" here
Additionally, Toothgrinder are on tour with Periphery, The Contortionist and Intervals through October. 
Toothgrinder will continue to push heavy metal into the future with their unusual song structures, torrents of riffs and scaled-the-bowels-of-hell vocal attack. But it's not all metallic fists and fury; the band's music is smartly crafted and it is sonically provocative. In fact, their music sounds like the result of spending too many Friday nights in July in bottlenecked, bumper-to-bumper traffic on the Garden State Parkway. You've got to let that frustration out somehow and it's as though Toothgrinder took their frustration out on their instruments.
Toothgrinder vocalist Justin Matthews said, "Toothgrinder were birthed from a brotherhood of musicians who wanted nothing more than to create aggressive energy and deviate from the status quo. The bond that five best friends initiated through childhood will forever last a lifetime. Through blood, sweat and tears, our family has taken on an endeavor that was never thought possible. Our perseverance and tenacity would not be shown to the world without our good friends in Outerloop and Spinefarm. We could not be happier."
Spinefarm Director of A&R Darren Dalessio, who signed the band, said, "We are very excited to officially welcome Toothgrinder to the Spinefarm roster!  From the first moment I listened to Schizophrenic Jubilee, I knew the band was a force to be reckoned with. They truly have a unique sound and vision, and this is only just the beginning of where these guys plan on taking their music. Expect great things from Toothgrinder in 2015!"
Toothgrinder Tour Dates:
09/25 Birmingham, AL – Zydeco
09/26 Charleston, SC – The Music Farm
09/27 Wilmington, NC – Ziggy’s By The Sea
09/28 Winston-Salem, NC – Ziggy’s
09/29 Richmond, VA – The Broadberry
09/30 Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
10/02 London, ON – London Music Hall
10/03 Ottawa, ON – Ritual
10/04 Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
10/05 Burlington, VT – Higher Ground
10/07 Northampton, MA – Pearl Street
10/08 Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance
10/10 Long Island, NY – Revolution Music Hall
10/11 Lancaster, PA – Chameleon

Toothgrinder are: Justin Matthews – vocals/keys; Matt Arensdorf – bass/vocals; Matt Mielke – guitars; Jason Goss – guitars; Wills Weller – drums.

11 Sep 2014





IT’S HARD to put a handle on SOEN, but if progressive music is ‘entertainment for those who are easily bored’, then this Swedish outfit fits easily under that heading.

As forthcoming  / second studio album, ‘Tellurian’, makes plain, SOEN – that’s drummer Martin Lopez (ex-Opeth, Amon Amarth), vocalist Joel Ekelöf (Willowtree), guitarist Joakim Platbarzdis & bassist Stefan Stenberg – are not concerned with the simple or the shallow; their musical journey takes an altogether more ambitious path, and the result is an expansive body of work, wrapped up in the stunning art of Mexican painter José Luis López Galván, that consistently challenges without being ‘clever-clever’ or tough to enjoy.

The melodies are intricate, the playing muscular and the choruses soaring; overall, the feel is one of a band whose intent is very much in synch with the sort of core values (skilled musicianship, emotion over precision, importance of album artwork, etc.) that seem to be back in vogue…

Produced by Platbarzdis, mixed by the legendary / Grammy Award-winning David Bottrill (Tool, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, King Crimson, etc.) and mastered at Bob Ludwig’s Gateway set-up in the US by Adam Ayan, also a Grammy winner, ‘Tellurian’ sees SOEN taking the approach of their ‘Cognitive’ debut (2012, Spinefarm Records) and pushing the boundaries in terms of musical scope, the whole thing shot through with the confidence of a band who have found their voice.

Rhythmic, experimental and flowing, and with the ‘muso’ side never taking precedence over a good song and a telling chorus, ‘Tellurian’ (‘relating to, or inhabiting the earth’) will appeal to anyone with an ear for quality playing, and there’s further reward to be had below the surface, with the lyrics taking a more direct route than on ‘Cognitive’, and the construction of the material – including first single / video ‘Tabula Rasa’ (‘Clean Slate’) – allowing room for the raw emotion to shine through.

Music for the head and the heart.


6 Aug 2014



(New York, NY): Gothenburg, Sweden's Amaranthe, known for fusing melodic metal with elements of EDM, will release their third album MASSIVE ADDICTIVE via Spinefarm Records on October 21.

MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is true to its title. The band's signature, larger-than-life sound, comprised of kinetic riffing, pulsating beats and celestial, melodic choruses, remains intact, but the album finds Amaranthe continuing to explore a range of dynamics and with a willingness to push themselves even further.

The songs that populate MASSIVE ADDICTIVE are so incredibly catchy that they will take up residency in your brain for hours after you've turned the music off and you will find yourself humming the melodies or singing the choruses long after you've stopped listening to them. MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is that memorably and that catchy.

MASSIVE ADDICTIVE was tracked at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark with the sound sorcerer Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica) at the helm.

The 12-song album is a flawlessly executed clinic of masterfully and carefully crafted European metal, boasting Olof Mörck's surgically precise riffs and soaring solos alongside Morten Løwe Sørensen's rhythmic thrust and Johan Andreassen's booming low-frequency assault. Elise Ryd's vocals are as emotive and empowering as ever, filling the room, while Jake E's melodic vocal are an outpouring of power. New screamer Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson puts his stamp on the material, as well.

The sound is both massive and addictive, from the unforgettable, driving sounds of "Drop Dead Cynical" to the anthemic title track to the stadium-sized soar of "Digital World" to the emotionally haunting power semi-ballad "True." MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is an exercise in dynamics and is one that refuses to play by any sort of genre-specific, prescribed rules.

"We have lived and breathed this album every hour and every day the last year, and to know that this music is about to reach everyone's ears is beyond exciting," guitarist Mörck enthused about MASSIVE ADDICTIVE. "Following the first leg of The Nexus World Tour, we sat down and agreed that we wanted the next album to be really fresh, new and even to raise a few eyebrows, all while retaining our signature sound."

He continued, "MASSIVE ADDICTIVE is in every way that huge leap forward we wanted to achieve and the album definitely contains our strongest song writing to date. The press often asks us to 'describe the album with three words'; this time, the answer is simple - it's MASSIVE, it's ADDICTIVE, and most importantly, it's AMARANTHE!"


1. "Dynamite"
2. "Drop Dead Cynical"
3. "Trinity"
4. "Massive Addictive"
5. "Digital World"
6. "True"
7. "Unreal"
8. "Over and Done"
9. "Danger Zone"
10. "Skyline"
11. "An Ordinary Abnormality"
12. "Exhale"

Tour Dates:

9/25   The Regency Ballroom | San Francisco, Calif.
9/26   Club Nokia | Los Angeles, Calif.                                             
9/28   Gothic Theater | Denver, Colo.                     
9/30   First Avenue |Minneapolis, Minn.                          
10/1    Vic Theater | Chicago, Ill.
10/2   Royal Oak Music Theatre | Royal Oak, Mich.                                 
10/3   The Sound Academy | Toronto                           
10/5   Metropolis | Montreal
10/7   Ram's Head Live | Baltimore, Md.                
10/9   Electric Factory | Philadelphia, Pa.                            
10/10 Terminal 5 | New York, N.Y.   
10/26 House of Blues | Houston, Texas
10/27  Parish at House of Blues | New Orleans, La.
10/29  Culture Room | Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
10/30  State Theater | St. Petersburg, Fla.
10/31   The Masquerade | Atlanta, Ga.



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