22 Jul 2013


Swedish Deals Death will release a new album 'Point Zero Solution' via Spinefarm Records on the 17th of September!

The world isn’t going to end, it’s only becoming a horrific and gruesome place to inhabit. On September 17 Deals Death will give you the details of this event as we release our third album on Universal/Spinefarm. 

Follow this step-by-step description of the process which breaks down the systems of nature and society. 

This album contains 11 songs packed with a lyrical edge, delivered with all our blood, sweat and toil!



The story of melodic death metallers DEALS DEATH began in a music college called Boomtown, where guitarist Erik Jacobson met a couple of other students. With some twisty bits in the story later, with which we need not bother, the band released their  self-financed debut "Internal Demons" in 2009 to raving reviews.

 In 2009 Deals Death recruited new members in Gothenburg and based there to stay. The second album, "Elite", was recorded in May 2010 in Gothenburg and mixed by Jonas Kjellgren (Scar Symmetry). “Elite” became their label debut and was released in March of 2012 via Finland's metal powerhouse Spinefarm Records. A promo video was shot for the song “Fortified” and released in April 2011. The clip made some waves on the metal scene (surpassing already half a million views) and then, a fortuitous bounce launched Deals Death to a larger than just metal audience, when vocalist Olle Ekman's “Death Metal Vocal Exercises” video became a surprise YouTube hit.

Now, after five years of hard work and dedication, Deals Death has earned their name in the world of metal with tours in Sweden, Finland, Japan and the UK, sharing stages with bands such as Scar Symmetry, Hypocrisy and Dark Tranquillity and making appearances at numerous festivals such as House Of Metal, Rockstad Falun & Sweden Rock; Deals Death have just started to reveal the tip of the iceberg to their potential.

“A band that stands tall above others in the melodic death metal genre"

– Close Up Magazine, Sweden 

01. Point Zero Solution

02. Facing The Echoes

03. Escalation

04. Flatline

05. Passion For Infinity

06. The Separation

07. Paramount Authority

08. Beyond Reason

09. Dark Dream Dawn

10. Back To Consciousness

11. Author Of Arts

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